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February 14, 2018



Durability Testing

Durability testing is performed in order to stress a mechanical or electro-mechanical device in a time compressed simulation of it’s final use environment.

Typically the client supplies us with a test plan which defines the environmental and mechanical or electrical stress conditions which are applied to the device. The environmental, mechanical and/or electrical stresses are applied to the device in a controlled repetitive manner to accumulate the necessary use cycles.

Many durability tests require specialized test fixtures designed to load the device in the manner described in the test plan.We provide one-stop-shopping for our clients with our in-house experienced fixture design and build team. We can design and deliver anything from a simple tensile fixture right up to a fully automated sliding door durability fixture.

Some materials become brittle at low temperatures and become more susceptible to cracking under mechanical impacts.

Mechanical stresses are introduced by applying quasi-static or dynamic forces to the device and through vibration exposure.

Electrical stresses are applied through resistive, inductive or capacitive loading and by varying the electrical potential.

We have in depth experience performing durability testing programs to a variety of Tier 1 and OEM specifications from DV phase through to final PV qualification.



Durability Testing Experience


Case Study – Moving from Tier 2 to Tier 1 Bridging the Product Development Gap with a Complete Testing Solution

We managed the testing program using web based tools for regular meetings and sign- offs with a minimum necessity for client on- site visits.

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