Prototype Short Run Production

May 8, 2016


Do you have a need for:

  • Quick turn-around production representative custom prototype metal stampings, or machined components?
  • Short production run metal stampings or machined production parts?
  • Cut & Welds?
  • Reverse engineering and duplicating a component because it is not available on the market?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, we may have solutions to your problem. Leveraging many years of extensive experience in metal stamping and machining, we make production quality prototype metal stampings and machined parts. We have the capability of taking your CAD data and turn it into fully functioning prototype or production parts within days. We also have the ability to reverse engineering an existing component and re-creating the actual part.

How do we do it?

Metal Stampings:

We start with CAD data and engineering drawing from the customer. From CAD data, we design and make “soft” tool using CNC machine and various tool room equipment. Once the tool is made, using our laser cutter and CAD, we develop flat blank. Blank development is typically completed within hours. Once blank is developed, we cut the required number of blanks on our laser cutter. We then stamp the parts on our stamping presses. During the manufacturing process, we use our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) in various stages to ensure the parts are dimensionally correct.

Machined Components:

Again, we start with CAD Data from the customer. From CAD data, using CAD/CAM software, we program CNC machine, select required raw material, and machine the component on CNC. Depending on the complexity of the part, the part may undergo secondary or tertiary operations on CNC or regular tool room equipment. We again use our CMM to ensure dimensional integrity of the part.

Reverse Engineering of Components:

This is a new service we have started to provide. If you have an aging equipment and have a need to replace a vital component such as bushing, bracket, etc. that is not readily available on the market, we can take your old part, create solid model using 3D scanning technology, analyze the original material in our materials testing lab, and recreate the part using our manufacturing process described above.

Our Equipment Capability and Material

  • CAD/CAM Stations
  • Laser Cutter
  • Several CNC machines
  • Stamping presses from 50T to 350T
  • Well-equipped Tool Room (Lathe, drill presses, milling machines, radial arm drill, and more)
  • MIG and TIG welders
  • We stock extensive variety of raw materials on-site to ensure rapid delivery

Our People Capability

100+ years of cumulative experience in Tool & Die making and manufacturing

Our Customer Base

We have been successfully serving industrial manufacturing customers (mostly automotive) in southern Ontario for the past 10 years. Most of our customers are repeat customers.