Flexural Testing

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Flexural Testing

Flexural Testing

Flexural materials testing is used to characterize the properties of a material loaded in bending.Flexural Testing

Depending on the method selected, the two loading conditions are a beam in 3-point or in 4-point bending.

A variety of materials properties are defined by the flexural test methods but the two properties most commonly determined are flexural modulus and flexural strength.Flexural Testing

Flexural modulus is a measure of the initial stiffness of the material in bending while flexural strength describes the ultimate stress that the material can support in bending.

Flexural materials properties can be determined at temperatures ranging from -70°C to 200°C.Flexural Testing

A2LA ISO 17025 accredited 1942.01

BS 2782-10 Method 1005
EN 13566-1
ISO 178

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