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Dynamic Testing Services

Paragon Systems’ dynamic testing services support our client’s environmental durability and performance testing requirements. From automotive to electronics, our staff has the expertise to help you perform durability testing on a wide range of products.

Our dynamic testing methods provide you with durability testing, vibration testing, sound analysis and combined dynamic testing for components, sub-assemblies, and systems to meet your product validation requirements according to regulations, standards, delivery requirements and company specifications.

Our Dynamic Testing Capabilities

Durability Testing

Durability testing is performed in order to stress a mechanical or electro-mechanical device in a time compressed simulation of it’s final use environment.

Vibration Testing Services

Products which are subjected to vibration or mechanical shock during use, experience stresses which are difficult to fully characterize even with today’s numerical analysis and simulation techniques.

Sound Testing Analysis

Sound is an important factor in product differentiation. Not only can the appropriate sound level produced by a product be a source of competitive advantage, the subjective qualities of the sound can lead a customer to choose one product over another.
The low frequency thunk sound of a car door closing, is one of the first impressions that a customer looks for in a solid, quality car.

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