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Climatic Simulation Testing

At Paragon Systems, Our climatic testing lab is capable simulating almost any weather condition, whether solar climatic test, cyclic corrosion test, thermal shock testing, temperature and humidity testing, accelerated weathering testing and combined exposures as well as environmental simulation testing such as air pollution, chemical exposure and extreme temperatures.climatic testing

Using specially tailored climate tests and test scenarios we help you to improve the robustness and reliability of your products – not just to comply with applicable design and performance standards, but also to fulfil your consumer expectations.climatic testing

Our Climatic Simulation Testing Capabilities

Temperature and Humidity Testing

The temperature inside of a vehicle sitting in the baking sun with the windows rolled up can reach 80°C. Plastic materials can distort, electronics are baked and leather dries and cracks.

Corrosion Testing

The salt fog test (or salt spray test) has been used for over 70 years to measure the corrosion resistance of plated or coated metal parts.

Thermal Shock Testing

Thermal shock testing is used to examine the effect of very rapid temperature changes on a product.          

IP Testing (Dust and Water)

In electronic enclosures, dust causes cooling systems to clog up and reduces their effectiveness. Enclosures for outdoor or marine environments are designed to keep rain or wash down water from damaging the electrical components inside.

Solar Testing

We are one of the few laboratories in Canada to offer Military standard (MIL STD 810G) solar radiation soak testing featuring the Atlas Solar climatic chamber manufactured by WEISS Technik.

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We provide one-stop-solutions for test automation, prototyping, and validation. Delivering accurate and reliable service you can absolutely rely on when making decisions about your materials and compliance.climatic testing