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solar testing

Solar Testing

We are one of the few laboratories in Canada to offer Military standard (MIL STD 810G) solar radiation soak testing featuring the Atlas Solar climatic chamber manufactured by WEISS Technik.

solar testing

Solar Climatic

The solar climatic unit is a state of the art test system for simulating indoor and outdoor conditions. Parameters such as global irradiation, temperature and humidity can be individually programmed for whatever your needs may be. The chamber can be used to test automotive components, electronic equipment, photovoltaics, plastic components, materials used in construction such as window units and roofing material.

The SC chamber is equipped with a 1.5 kW metal halide global (MHG) lamp whose output combine with glazing options that meet the spectral requirements of MIL STD 810G and several automotive interior parts testing standards including DIN 75220. The SC 340 chamber has an available exposure target area of 28 in x 22 in.
solar climatic

Fluorescent UV Condensation

The Atlas UV 2000 is the perfect screening device for testing the effects of the sun’s energy on your material easily and affordably. It can be used to test textiles and geotextiles, paints, coatings and pigments, plastics, photovoltaics, wood coatings, adhesives and automotive exteriors.

The chamber is designed for rapid weathering. Specimens will be exposed to UV radiation and uniform wetting at 100 % relative humidity. Spray nozzles provide uniform wetting for user selectable time periods. The UV 2000 meets and exceeds test requirements for ASTM, DIN, ISO, JIS and may other industry standards and testing fluorescent uv condensation

Ci 35/65 Weather Ometer

In the natural environment, light, moisture and heat combine synergistically to cause photochemical and mechanical changes to your product. Predicting these changes in the laboratory depends on close simulation of the actual end use conditions. The Atlas Ci65A reproduces and accelerates the degradation process in a controlled exposure test with precision and repeatability.

The Ci65A provides radiant energy using a single water cooled xenon arc lamp whose filtered output closely simulates natural sunlight.

Temperature can be continuously monitored and controlled throughout the test. The Ci65A can produce three different types of moisure – humidity, condensation and direct water spray. The Ci65A can be programmed to cycle your exposure test between light and dark cycles plus sample wetting.

The Ci35F fade-ometer is specifically designed for fade/lightfastness testing , including textile/geotextile materials subjected direct sunload exposure or by filtered window glass testing Ci 35/65 Weather Ometer

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