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Custom Vibration Testing Fixtures

Paragon Systems is unique in being able to not only perform your vibration test, but also to design, fabricate and qualify your vibration testing fixtures. Usually all we need from a client is their vibration test profile, a CAD model and the GD&T of the DUT.

With this information, our in-house fixture design team will produce an initial design, optimize it with FEA, manufacture it, qualify its resonance performance and measure its dimensional accuracy-all in-house. vibration testing fixtures

This one stop service allows us to control both cost and schedule better than a provider who outsources vibration fixture design and manufacture or a provider who relies the client to design and fabricate the fixture themselves.

All the custom vibration testing fixtures we manufacture are fully tested on a shaker and include an ISO 17025 accredited Qf Assured qualification report documenting the dynamic response characteristics for each product mounting location.vibration fixture manufacturer

When required, we can also furnish a dimensional inspection report demonstrating that the fixture conforms with the DUT’s GD&T. vibration fixture manufacturer

custom vibration fixture

Custom Vibration Fixtures

DUT’s come in all shapes and sizes and vibration tests cover different frequency
ranges. That’s why we manufacture custom vibration fixtures in aluminum or

L and T Fixtures

L and T fixtures can be fabricated as universal or custom fixtures.

L and T Vibration Fixtures
Cube Vibration Fixtures

Cube Fixtures

Cube fixtures are manufactured from billet aluminum or magnesium. These fixtures are suitable for mounting many small parts undergoing simultaneous testing with minimal set-up required to change the test orientation.

Head Expanders and Head Plates

When you need a larger test surface than your armature can provide, head plates or head expanders can fit this need. As with all of our vibration fixtures we can
manufacture in magnesium or more economical aluminum.vibration fixture manufacturer

Head Expanders and Head Plates custom Vibration Fixture

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