Sound Testing & Analysis

May 29, 2016


Sound Testing & Analysis

sound_acquisition binaural_recording analysis

Case Study: Sound acquisition under Challenging conditions Design + Build + Test Solution

Increasingly sound has become an important factor in product differentiation. Not only can the appropriate sound level produced by a product be a source of competitive advantage, the subjective qualities of the sound can lead a customer to choose one product over another.
The low frequency thunk sound of a car door closing, is one of the first impressions that a customer looks for in a solid, quality car. The satisfying click of a switch or the whisper of a dishwasher are all sounds that are now routinely engineered into products.

Using a portable multi-channel data acquisition sound testing system we can acquire sound either within our in-house quiet room or on-sight and in-vehicle using microphones or the binaural (Aachen) head.


Specific sound testing expertise with:

  • Ford Simple Sound Quality Tool (SSQT)
  • Window regulators, latches, liftgates
  • Pedals and parking brakes PF-12460 Pedal box actuation noise
  • Seat adjusters
  • Switches
  • Switch Sound Bench Test CETP: 18.03-L-400
  • Ford Manual Parking Brake System Sound Quality
  • Electromechanical products
  • Evaluation of Room Noise ANSI/ASA S12.2