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Anode Efficiency Testing

Buried ductile iron and cast iron pipe is exposed to continual corrosive attack which eventually leads to pinhole depressions in the ductile/cast iron pipe surface.anode efficiency testing
Ultimately these depressions develop until the pipe is perforated and a leak or pipe rupture appears.

Cathodic protection of iron water pipes using sacrificial magnesium anodes, is a proven method of corrosion control. The magnesium anode is attached to the iron pipe using and insulated wire and remains buried adjacent to the pipe. The anode then corrodes over time instead of the cast iron pipe.anode efficiency testing

A2LA ISO 17025 accredited 1942.01

OPSS 702

To provide effective protection, the magnesium anode must be manufactured to provide high current efficiency. We measure the current efficiency of magnesium anodes using the standard 14 day ASTM G97 test.

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