Coating Performance Testing

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Coating Performance Testing

Coating Performance Testing

Coatings (both paint and plating) are used to enhance a variety of properties of a substrate. Corrosion resistance, hardness, colour, solvent resistance and wear resistance are typical reasons to modify the surface of a product.Coating Performance Testing

Our laboratory is equipped to perform the standard coating materials performance tests like neutral salt spray as well as the more current cyclic corrosion test.

Visual and analytical materials testing techniques are used to determine physical or chemical characteristics of coatings before, during and after durability exposures. Coating Performance Testing

A2LA ISO 17025 accredited 1942.01

Salt Fog Corrosion Test
BI 103-01
DIN 50 021
HES D6001
IEC 68-2-52 Test Kb
ISO 9227
NES M0140

Cyclic Corrosion Test
FLTM BI 123-01/03
IEC 68-2-52 Cyclic
JIS H 8502
SAE J2334


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