halt hass testing process

HALT HASS Testing Process For Product Reliability

Reliability of a product and its constant improvement is critical in manufacturing electronics. In order to bring a reliable product to market in the shortest period of time, manufacturers need a method that stresses the product and determines possible design and manufacturing weaknesses. HALT HASS testing allows manufacturers the opportunity to remain competitive by offering[…]

automotive bsr testing

Automotive BSR Testing

How do I conduct a BSR test? A BSR (buzz, squeak and rattle) test is deceptively simple to perform. All you need to do is shake the object that you’re interested in evaluating and listen for any noise that emanates from the object. For smaller light objects that’s what an engineer can actually do to[…]

Cyclic Corrosion Lab Testing

The quality and durability of automotive exterior finishes has improved dramatically in the last 20 to 30 years. The dismal corrosion protection performance of the 70’s and 80’s still within the memory of many car owners today. In the past a new car owner, especially those in the North Eastern North America, could consider themselves[…]